Agree Decision File Folder System is the finance brand of Shield & Sword. 


According to its inner natures, Agree has four major category of forms and functions:

1, Agree Cash

2, Agree Pay

3, Agree Token

4, Agree Stamp

Agree Cash (expressed in parallel gold amount)  is account balances and deposit instrument of HSPD Subscriptions. Agree Cash is recognized by 中國元素有限公司 as credit proof.​

Agree Token is the Pre-IPO share transaction payment method of AEIOsoft+ Keypad Technology. Qualified subscribers may apply to switch balances into fine and prestigious jewelries accordingly. 

Agree Stamp is authentication of 寳之珎藏 tea collections and  {xyz} hallmark of Sedna Certified. VC>A Lectures officially recognizes Agree Stamp as validation of contents and genuine certificate of training accomplishment.

Agree Pay is digital self-insurance brand of HSPD Portfolio as well as foreign exchange function to V Cations subscribers.


Please note that while Agree Cash is expressed in parallel gold amount, the values of Agree Token, Agree Stamp and Agree Pay are computed in USD ($),  GBP (£) and EUR ( € ) in respectively. 

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